/it’s raining tokens/


  1. Regulator FUDs: Chinese banning Bitcoin in Dec. 2013, the SoKo restriction and on trading in Dec. 2017, the SEC possible regulation of exchanges in Mar 2018; the regulatory restrictions on the fiat to crypto flows, add the FB and Google bans on crypto ads for good effect; and the bounce effects of the regulation FUD being removed lifting as in “Bitcoin Soars $1000 Off The Lows After G-20 Rejects Crypto Crackdown”;
  2. The space— hacks and crack ups/events, systematic risks: Mt Gox, DAO, etc.; deliberate opaqueness or worse, of some services (e.g. exchanges, USDT).
  3. The space fundamentals / profit taking; and the rising realization now that majority of the recent ICOs may fail; user/market adoption timing.
  1. Control — in the new model, multiple entities share control, that is, the system is decentralized. A fully public blockchain network acts much like a public utility. Or, in consortiums, different parties (even traditional competitors) can more easily share data infrastructure to the benefit of all participants. Finally, even a single enterprise can dilute risk by having multiple system administrators share control of that organization’s IT infrastructure.
  2. Trust — in the blockchain model, writes are considered immutable to enable tamper-resistant audit trails, for applications from supply chain tracking to art provenance, from financial auditing to food safety. It also gives a single shared source of truth, which simplifies applications from financial reconciliation to tracking music rights.
  3. Value — now, one can issue and transfer assets, without reliance on a central entity. For example, you own (and can transfer) the bitcoins at an address if you have the private key at that address. This concept works for almost any digital or physical asset. Accordingly, there are significant opportunities to streamline and better-secure registries and exchanges, such as land registries and stock exchanges…”




solving for all the self-governance we can eat

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solving for all the self-governance we can eat

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